Domain Buying Guide

Buying a Domain Name

The domain buying process with is designed to be easy and give you access to the domain name you purchase as quickly as possible.

1. You Pick A Name

We have a choice of over 300 SiteBrands focused on web tools and SaaS applications. All domains have been carefully hand-picked by us over the last 15 years, and we are the first owner of most names. View our complete catalog »

Q: Who owns these names?
A: All domains listed on are owned by us directly and available for immediate transfer of ownership to the buyer. We do not broker.

2. You Make an Offer

Submit a bid for the domain name, we will get you a response ASAP. If your offer is accepted we'll guide you through the rest of the sales process. If the bid is countered, we'll work with you to arrive at a price that works for us both.

Q: How do I make an offer on a domain name?
A: Find a domain name in our catalog, and click on it. Then fill out the form with your contact information and offer.
Q: Is my contact information kept private?
A: Yes! We will only use your information to contact you regarding your submitted domain offer(s).
Q: I placed my bid and confirmed it on your site. When will I receive e-mail from escrow or your reaction on my offer?
A: In most cases you will receive it within 2-3 business days. If you suspect that your offer did not reach us, feel free to resend it or contact us.

3. You Pay

All payments are processed through, the best option when it comes to domain name transactions. is a company that ensures that the sale will complete safely for all parties. Much like real estate, your money is held "in trust" until the domain name is in your possession. Once we are agreed on price and terms, we will initiate an transaction. You will need to login, accept terms, and fund the purchase. You can pay either via credit card or wire transfer. The payment stays secured until the domain has been transfered and notified of the good reception.

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Q: Are there any additional fees beyond the purchase price?
A: There are no additional fees for you using the service itself. Should you choose to use to facilitate the transaction, we will split the escrow fees.
Q: What about VAT?
A: All prices are excluding VAT. We are legally bound to ask for a VAT identification number, so that we can establish which of us will account for VAT. If you live in the European Union and do not have a valid VAT number, or live in the Netherlands, we have to charge VAT.
Q: What are the payment options available to me?
A: Our preferred method of payment is by wire transfer. It is the easiest and most cost effective method. If you are unable to pay by wire, we also have an agreement with to accept payment via credit card.
Q: Do you recommend choosing escrow option?
A: Indeed, we recommend to proceed via escrow. It is safe for Buyer and provides various payment options (credit card, check or money order, bank transfer). We'll split the additional fees. However, if you do not want to incur the transaction cost or can not pay via escrow, you can always pay directly to our bank account.

4. We Transfer Ownership to You

When Escrow confirms receipt of funds, or as soon as payment is received directly, we will start the domain transfer to you. If you don't have a registrar we will help you with the full process to become the owner.

First of all, the domain name will be unlocked. That will allow to transfer domain name to your preferred Registrar (GoDaddy, eNom, Network Solutions etc). The transfer of the domain name can take from 5 minutes to 5 days depending on whether the domain stays on the current registrar or is transfered to another registrar.

If you want it be to transfered to another registrar we will provide you with the transfer authorization code (EPP). In some cases you will need to fill a transfer document. If you would rather have the domain "pushed" to your account immediately you will have to create an account at the current registrar.

Once the domain is in your name, at your registrar, you will instruct to release the funds to us. We never get your money until you have irrevocable control of the domain name. Please inform us which transfer method you will prefer in order to speed up domain name transaction.

Q: Will I receive full and sole control over the domain name in the end of the transaction?
A: Yes, you will. You and only you will be able to change owner, administrative, technical and billing contacts, and nameservers. No third party will have control over your domain.
Q: How do you pass control over the domain name to me?
A: We will send you authentication information along with the instructions how to modify the domain name records.
Q: How soon will I be able to use the domain name for e-mail, web site etc.?
A: First you will have to set up nameservers for this domain. Typically it can be done by purchasing web/e-mail hosting services from a hosting provider. Your hosting provider will instruct you what nameservers to use to make it all working. Then you must "redelegate" the domain name, i.e. change its nameserver records. In about 48 hours after that your domain should be working for you.

More Information

We are available to answer your questions and guide you through the sales process at all times. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q: How will I renew the domain I bought?
A: You will be able to renew domain name within current Registrar or your preferred one.
Q: Do you provide web hosting or e-mail hosting?
A: Yes, but only to a select group of clients. Contact us for more information.
Q: Can I manage the domain name through you?
A: We do not offer domain management services, so you will not be able to manage your domain name through us. However, you will be able to transfer your domain to any registrar you choose after the purchase process is completed.